Bulk Pricing

What we need to know for a price quote:

- Total Number Of UnitsPrint Colors (1 Color or +2 Colors)

- Print Size (Left Chest Print or Full Chest)

- Number of Print locations (Front & Back or only Front)

- Apparel Style (T-shirt, Sweatshirt or Hat)

- Personalization (Logo or Text )

bulk pricing.

What file we're require!

* We require proper design files (PNG or SVG).

If the graphic design team needs to remake the logo, there's a $75 charge.

* Logos need to remain the same size/color on all units to qualify for bulk pricing.

Can I see what my print will look like before placing an order?

Unfortunately we don’t have the time to design ‘potential orders’.

With that being said, we do email a proof for approval prior to printing/shipping and you are more than welcome to make any changes at that time.

Our Turnaround Time

Proofs will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days of receiving your payment.

Once you have approved your proof, it will be mailed out within 1-5 business days after that.

We always send an email letting you know when it will go out in the mail and when you can expect to receive it.

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