Our Story!

It all started at the end of November 2020 when I wanted to make personalized Christmas gifts for my family. I was looking for ideas on how to do it and create the ideal gift that would be meaningful, useful, and modern for them.

For Black Friday I told my partner that the only thing I wanted for Christmas was the Cricut Machine, the machine that would help me cut the material to make gifts, so we decided to went to buy it. I was so excited to start using it and created beautiful gifts.

When I started to get used to the machine's software, it was too late to make personalized gifts because Christmas was one day away and I didn't have much time, so there were never any personalized gifts for them :(.

After Christmas, I decided I wanted to make custom t-shirts for all public, so I ordered few to find out the material and quality of the t-shirt. Then, I set myself the task of studying the competition and finding out how much they sold their products to give me an idea of ​​how much I could sell mine.

I opened my first online store on Etsy on January 2021, I began to listed my products there and also post on social media, so people knew what I was doing and more importantly knew my work, I started to customized EVERYTHING from t-shirts, bags, mugs and bodysuit for babies to stuffed elephants for them as well. I was doing the same thing for about 10 months, making products for everyone hoping everybody buy my products. True story.

In November 2021, I decided to invest on my education, and I invested in a coaching program with "Abordo con Lina" who's specialist in providing help to business woman turning their followers into customer. During those 4 weeks I realized that I didn't know who my ideal Client was, and I did not have a defined sales strategy to take my business off.

During, one of her sessions, she suggested the idea of create gift boxes with my products for Businesswomen, I loved the idea and I embarked on this new adventure to created my first Girl Boss Kit for her brand. On our follow up session I showed her a draft of what I had created for her and the first thing she said was wow, loved it cant' wait to see how many more you can create for other Girls out there.

From that moment I started working on how could I differentiate myself from the rest... Well, everyhting started when I did thing differently and give my brand and products a different touch. I didn't want simple or generic boxes filled with pretty things I wanted boxes with thoughtful, unique details and seamless presentation. 

March 2022, I decided to buy a domain & designed my own Webpage. It was a project where I was working day and night to make it happen. From watching youtube videos for coding, taking pictures, listing descriptions and putting everything together to look pretty.

And here we are, many Girl Bosses love our products and they related to them, so something that started as small project become a big one and took over our living room space. Now we are looking to find a bigger space to continue to create & design all our hand-crafted products and bring to live all kit boxes.

Our Mission!

Gigi Crafting Creations was created to empower all businesswoman like you..., to cheer you up and make you SHINE with your BRAND & unique style through my personalized products having the confidence of make sure your clients can remember you!

We believe that all women are beautiful and that's the reason we always strive to do better in everything we do & create. Also, we are confidence that each kit should be meaningful, flawless presented & spark excitement.

Welcome to Gigi Crafting Creations family! 

Our Values!

Personal Connection

We consider each client individually - having in mind that customer service is valuing as personal & purchase experience. We strive to make sure shopping is fun, effortless & simple.

GCC Team is here to answer your questions & assist with your order to make sure your experience is stress-free & excitement from start to finish.


While thoughtful details & flawless presentation is important to us, we also concerned about environmental impact & continually work on getting better in this area. That's the reason why our packaging is done beautiful on purpose & 95% recyclable.


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